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Pampering – Mood-Boosting Hair & Nail Care

I had a hair appointment scheduled for today so I did miss the conclusion of tree trimming extravaganza. I’ve been putting it off for a while because I haven’t had time (the holidays & such) and I don’t like getting my hair cut. Never have. I think it’s because I don’t like being at the mercy of someone else for that length of time.

Anyway, my hair was way too long and I couldn’t get in as a walk-in on Friday so 2 PM Saturday it is. I had to convince the girl that yes, indeed, I wanted three inches cut off of my hair and she did what I asked. I was really pleased afterwards and scolded myself for not going to get it cut sooner. One of these days I may have her do highlights for me as well. A childhood acquaintance of mine drives an awfully long way to have this stylist do her highlights so she must be good.

I just lucked into using this salon since it’s close to my office. There’s a good wax-ologist there and they do good pedicures too. I’ve gotten rather addicted to pedicures and even like to have them in the winter. My toes are looking pretty jacked up these days so I guess I’ll have to pop over at lunch time next week and have them attended to.

There is something almost renewing about being pampered, but I get so busy sometimes that I forget the emotional lift I get from looking and feeling nicer. Note to self for 2011 – do nice things for one’s self occasionally for a needed mood boost!


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