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Door to Door Contractors – They’re Not All Bad

Workmen who show up at the door unannounced have a bad reputation, but over the last couple of years, we’ve actually had good luck with them. I’ve turned quite a few away, but there have been two instances when I haven’t and I’ve been pleased.

I was out in my front yard on a week night in the spring of ’09 probably pulling a couple of weeds when a fellow with an Irish accent started in on his spiel about how I needed to have my driveway repaved and that he was just the gent to do it. I decided to humor him and we talked for a bit. He gave me a price and told me what he was willing to do for it. I told him that it sounded good, but I would need to talk to my husband first.

We did a bit of dancing back and forth before we decided to hire him and he did do a wonderful job. The only bit we didn’t like was that he would tell each of us different things that he’d agreed upon with the other. He swore up and down to me that my husband had agreed to pay him cash (which I knew was total b.s.) and he put us in an uncomfortable position in asking for it and then suggested to me that a tip would be nice as well.

The bad part is that if he hadn’t acted so shady, we probably would have referred him to others who would have bought his services. Also, there were some other things around here we might have hired him to do, but the underhandedness of his approach put us off.

All in all, it was still a good job from a random contractor.

Today we had some tree service fellows show up at the door. I think the guy was a bit taken aback when I interrupted his sales pitch (which always begins with “We were just working on one of your neighbors’ houses…”)  to take him into the back yard to point out the work I’d like him to quote.

Before we knew it, the crew was trimming branches, taking down leaning tree sections and taking down a diseased tree from the side of the house. It was impressive and my family watched the hectic activity with unabashed curiosity. “Wow! That’s cool!” was exclaimed on many occasions during the trimming/cutting process.

It was really loud and I should have gone over to the neighbors to let them know of the impending din, but I stayed inside instead.

We saw our one neighbor who has a young son later on and apologized for all the noise and hoped we hadn’t interfered with his nap. On the contrary, he and his dad were apparently over at their house saying “Wow! That’s cool!” as well.

The chipper out front where all the branches and tree trunks were chewed up was the highlight for both our family and theirs. I was very happy that our impromptu tree trimming was entertaining rather than vexing to our nice neighbors. I would have hated to have ticked them off.

Pictures are from a Yahoo! Search. I thought it would be rude to photograph the workers while they were trying to do their jobs!

Anyway, I’m not sure what home-maintaining work is on the horizon, but using workmen who show up on our doorstep is not out of the question. We’ve had remarkably good luck with them so far.


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