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The Joy of Shopping – Gift Cards & 1-Day Sales

I got off work a little early today and decided to take me and my gift cards up to the mall and see what sorts of trouble I could get myself into.

My first stop was Starbuck’s for a venti chai latte. I don’t know what it is about walking around with a big Starbuck’s cup, but I feel so much more like a cultured grown-up when sweeping through the mall with my logo emblazoned beverage. Weird. It was all the more enjoyable because I used a gift card. Yay me!

After that I was off to Macy’s. It’s been a tradition of my current company to gift their employee’s with a $50 Macy’s gift card each year and I don’t like to let those linger too long in my purse. I was on the hunt for a black wool blazer (a wardrobe staple) but since I gave up shopping as a sport many years ago, I didn’t know where to begin looking. There were many items that were on sale just for the day so I made sure to look for the special signs. Since I was in no hurry, I just wandered the different departments so see what was available. Stopping by the junior department was a mistake since everything there was not my style. I did see some lounge pants that my girls might like though (made mental note).

Up I went to the second floor hopeful that the elusive garment might be found up there. Instead I found a lightweight off white coat for a great price and some colored stretch jeans that would be great for work (as long as I wore a long top to disguise that they were jeans). About this time I realized that I had left my gift card at home, so I held onto the coat, put the jeans aside for later and went to check out. I had to look for an empty register (what were all these people doing out shopping on a Friday before 5 PM?).

I finally found a register with only one customer and while I was standing there, found a suitable blazer (not wool, but well made). Score!

I strutted out of the mall with my garment bag & Starbuck’s cup like I was a rock star! So pleased!

Back at home, I changed into more comfortable shoes, grabbed my daughters and my Macy’s gift card and we were back at the mall before I knew it. I grabbed the jeans I wanted, took the girls to get some lounge pants and we were done clothes shopping.

We headed out to the mall and I had my Chick-Fil-A card at the ready. With a fast food dinner in hand, we headed towards the doors and on home to enjoy our quiet evening.

I don’t go shopping that often, but when I do, it’s an event.


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