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Winter Skin – Dry & Uncomfortable

It’s been a frigid winter so far and it’s taken a toll on my skin. Walking the dog twice a day, hot showers and lax moisturizing habits left my skin tingling and flaky. I knew things were bad when I went to the ladies room at work and it looked like I was in the middle of a snow squall when I took down my pants!

It was time for some skin quality time.

I decided a warm bath and head to toe moisturizing session was in order, so after dinner I grabbed a book and headed to the bathroom. I have a wonderful variety of bath bombs that I’ve received as presents and I like to enjoy one every couple of weeks or so. Most of them are like big fizzy Sweet-tarts which smell good and leave my skin feeling smooth*. There are an amazing variety of fragrances and some contain dried flowers and in at least one case, I had one filled with tiny red and white mylar hearts. Hopefully those all work their way through our sewage system so I don’t have any awkward questions from our plumber.

Bath Bombs - Lush

Anyway, I got very lucky on bath night to find a moisturizing bomb to add to the tub water. It was delightfully scented and I luxuriated in the tub for a long time and enjoyed the warmth. After I was done soaking, I took the necessary time to slather on lotion.

The next morning my skin felt great – not a tingle anywhere. I’ve been much more diligent with moisturizing so I’m not so uncomfortable during the week.

I had the unfortunate idea to get a bikini wax before the bath and lotion treatment. Bad idea. Each rip of the cloth felt like fire. Even though I felt slightly better about being groomed, the extra agony of the procedure made me wish I’d been a little more mindful about taking care of my skin.

I’m hoping that the arctic conditions clear out soon and the remainder of the winter is mild, but being a realist, I’ll keep the lotion bottle handy.

*You can get Bath Bombs from They have a great line of products with a wide variety to choose from.



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