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Dress Ball Caps??? – Trends Which Confuse Me

I had a workman stop by my office today. When he walked into the office he corrected his ball cap from having the bill facing the back to the correct frontward facing bill.

As he completed this maneuver he said that it was more professional facing frontward.

Uh, I thought the only “professionals” who wear ball caps are baseball players.

I’m not fashionista and I do have an old school way of perceiving things but I thought it was bad form for a man to wear a hat inside a building under any circumstances.

I guess if it’s okay to wear your pjs to college classes and flip flops to the White House, pretty much all bets are off with regards to professional business attire.

To give him credit, the workman’s apparel did match. His football team affiliation was emblazoned prominently on his person and I’m sure it will positively affect the outcome of the game.


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