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Writing – Do It Because You Love It!

At the last few jobs I’ve had, I’ve been known for my funny e-mails. “You should write a book!” is something I’ve heard often. In high school and college, I got pretty good grades on my papers and my mom was my biggest cheerleader while I was struggling to write them. This is high praise since she earned extra money by writing articles for magazines and newspapers when I was growing up.

The thing is, I don’t know if I’ve got a book in me. I have cool daydreams and interesting story vignettes running through my head on occasion, but I don’t know if there is a good book in there anywhere.

Writing is something I enjoy and I love the feeling of creativity when I write. I can’t sing, draw, play an instrument and the only painting I do is fun for me but not necessarily beautiful to anyone else. Writing is it for me. It’s the only creative thing I do.

When I first started this blog, I was more focused on writing about art, then changed directions a couple of times before I realized that just the act of writing (even if I am the only one being entertained) is enough. I don’t think about being “discovered” any more (though I do hope that people who accidentally run across my entries enjoy them). It’s just fun to do. Yeah, it would be nice to get paid for writing, but that might actually kill the enjoyment for me.

A friend of mine recently asked me why I blog. I explained that I just really enjoy it. It’s an outlet for things that I’m thinking. It’s a way for me to be creative. It gives me the opportunity to examine ideas in an external way. Instead of a quick internal process, writing helps me more fully process and study an idea that would normally just be a passing thought.

You may have a more fully formed agenda with your plans for writing, but blogging is a place where you are free to play with ideas without needing to stay within a set of parameters. It’s fun. It’s liberating. It’s good practice. I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve written a few stinker blogs, but its part of the process. The more you write, the better you get.

The friend I mentioned knows someone who’s getting ready to launch her very own WordPress blog very soon and I am not only anxious to be her first subscriber (because her topic sounds interesting), but to also learn from what she writes.

Blogging has become something I enjoy and not just an exercise. It’s become part of my life. Maybe someday I’ll be a “real” writer instead of just puttering on line, but even if I do, I’ll still make time to goof around on WordPress simply because it’s a great outlet for all those funny little thoughts that float around my head.

Thanks for reading!



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