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A Movie Premise Dream? Probably Not

 My husband and I went to see “Black Swan” last night. It wasn’t bad but not exactly what I expected. I’m not sure if going to a movie was enough to bring on a “movie” dream (one in which I watch the events and am not in the dream at all) but I had one last night. It was surprisingly movie-like although it did not have a conclusion. Anyway, it was real enough that I thought I’d write the gist of it.

It had a very “Napoleon Dynamite” feel to the main character and landscape. The main character is a none-too-bright guard whose job it is to watch for activity near a series of small desert canyons. He lives on the site that he guards in a truck trailer which has been upended in a small canyon (not a grand canyon – it’s actually very small) with a dirt track road running by it. His employer puts a floor and a door into the wedged trailer and convinces his dim employee that he’s got a great deal in having a job that also provides a place to live – a metal 8 ½ by 9 foot room with a raised dorm bunk, mini frig, metal desk, a lamp and a chair.

The guard is happy with his situation until a friend of his drops by and says what a dump he lives in. He points out that the least they could have done is made the whole trailer bed livable. Shaking his head in disgust, the friend leaves while the wheels start turning in the guard’s head about how he can transform his humble room into a multilevel living space.

He winds up raiding nearby storage facilities to get metal grid flooring and narrow metal stairs to create five more levels hidden below his main room.

That’s as far as I got in the dream before I woke up. I suppose if this were an actual movie premise, the watchman would turn his vertical crib into a club or a cathouse putting his (presumably up-to-no-good) employer in a compromising position and ultimately bringing about the downfall of the corrupt company -a standard Joe Dirt ending.

As weird as this dream was, at least it wasn’t a school dream. Those have been plaguing me for years. Lockers & Tests & Forgotten Classes! Oh My!

Nighty-night. ~P


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