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A Thanksgiving Disappointment

Here’s a funny (sort of) story from my daughter who lives in North Carolina.

Megan and her friends decided to celebrate Thanksgiving Eve with a Surf & Turf feast. She had gotten a big London Broil (marinated it for almost two days in some sort of secret sauce) and set it to cooking over the fire pit in her back yard while her friends worked on preparing fish and shrimp for the surf part of the meal.

Stella the sometimes ill-behaved dog was in attendance.

Everyone walked away from the fire pit at some point to take care of the different meal preparations and for a period of time, the meat was left alone.

When Megan returned to check on the large piece of meat, it was mysteriously gone. She and her friends looked around for it, but the meat had vanished. Stella was there with them looking as if she was wondering what all the disturbance was about.

The feast went on without the turf and the other food was abundant enough that everyone had enough to eat.

Still, the missing meat was disappointing….and a mystery.

The next day, Megan let Stella out into the yard to get some fresh air and do her business. She went back into the house to take care of a couple of things. When she came back out to check on her incorrigible pup, Stella was chewing on something out in the yard. The something turned out to be the missing meat with both the cooked ends chewed off and the raw center gnawed but not eaten.

Apparently the resourceful Stella had stashed the stolen meat in a hidey hole she had in the yard and knew enough to stash it away right after she had made off with it.

Megan was not happy and Stella knew she was busted. She spent the remainder of her day in time out.

Confucius say “Never leave savory meat near sneaky dog.”

Sneaky Dog Stella


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