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Christmas Target!

It’s been a tradition in my family since our older kids were little to give and receive obnoxious gifts. I think it all started with my brother-in-law. He’d give our two (especially our son) very loud toys as gifts and then laugh his head off knowing we’d have months of bells and whistles going off in our home while he lived in a quiet home….until he too had children and then it was all out war.

Every year loud guns with sound effects and toys that required assembly (with a thousand pieces) were exchanged relentlessly and with glee between our two households.

The kids grew up but something about that tradition sort of stuck with me. My older daughter had two sets of triplets in her fifth grade and she was close friends with one from each set. She got invited to a birthday party at a laser tag place for one triplet set and it inspired me to get Nerf guns as presents for all three of ‘em. I laughed (probably more than I should have, but not unkindly) about the havoc that these toys would wreak at their house (probably not a nice thing since parenting twins was probably really difficult).

I decided that they were pretty cool toys and got a couple for my girls the following Christmas. Oh my! There was not a backside that was safe from the assault of Nerf bullets.

Almost every Christmas since then, Nerf has been part of our holiday. This year was no exception. My youngest helped pick out stocking stuffers and found a small Nerf gun at Marshall’s. Bullets flew shortly after all the gifts were unwrapped and as I said to my eldest:

“It’s just not Christmas until you get shot in the ass.”


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