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Tapioca – A Lost Dessert?

There are a lot of foods that I had when I was a kid that seem to be disappearing from shelves or not as commonly eaten these days.

Cosy Shack pudding company does sell Tapioca, so I know it hasn’t completely fallen off the face of the earth, but I haven’t made it or had homemade tapioca pudding in ages.

I got inspired to make it the other night. It was just as lovely as I remembered. I used the classic recipe where you process the egg whites separately than the cooked part of the pudding. It turns out extra creamy.

My hand blender died a few years ago and I haven’t replaced it so I had to beat the egg whites and sugar by hand. I obviously didn’t get the level of peaks that a beater would have made and didn’t want to risk carpel tunnel syndrome in order to try. It didn’t really matter. When I blended in the whites, the pudding got immediately creamy.

No one in the house was interested in trying the pudding which was fine with me. I ate it all myself. Yum!


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