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Hair Extension Sticker Shock

It is not uncommon for women’s hair to thin somewhat as they age and I am unfortunately no exception to this rule. Some days it feels like I’ve only got half the hair I had when I was in my early 20’s.

I’ve seen the kiosk in the mall with the cute Asian girls selling ponytail looking things to add to one’s coif. I have a thing about kiosks and kiosk people and thus try to avoid them, but I have been very curious about those hair thingies.

One of our lovely Philippinas came to the office looking especially cute last week and I asked her how she had managed her hairstyle. She told me it was an extension. Hmmm…I started to think that maybe a little hair purchase may not be such a bad thing.

I was out with all the other shopping maniacs on Saturday and Sunday trying to get my last minute shopping done. I had made a couple of purchases at the mall and was getting ready to head over to Target when I passed the row of kiosks. I gathered my emotions and approached the stall with the many varieties of hair. The lovely associate grabbed two combs with attached extensions (with hidden wires) and immediately bent them into a lovely configuration. I thought as I admired her work that it would look nice blended into my ever diminishing tresses.

Then I asked her the price. Gasp!!! $72 a set??? Meaning the beautiful mass of hair she was showing me would cost $144 plus tax! Yikes! I’m sure I’m not willing to pay out that kind of money in order to balm my vanity.

Obviously I’m tabling this idea until I can research things further. One must not make snap decisions about augmentations without having all the facts. After the holidays I’ll see what’s out there in internet land in the way of supplemental tresses.

Until then, I’ll just stick to my $4 barrettes and call it good.


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