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Companion Pet Alarm Clocks

There are a lot of benefits to owning pets. They provide company. They love you unconditionally. They can even positively affect your blood pressure. Pets can add a lot of positive aspects to our lives.

They can also be really annoying. They’re cute, so we overlook their personality quirks, but sometimes it would be nice if they would chill out a little about schedules.

I’ve lived with several animals that were not flexible when it came to weekend sleep schedules.

We had a particularly food motivated Manx cat when I was young. Since my mom was the designated feeder, he was very interested in her getting up at an early hour, even on weekends. He had figured out that the alarm clock signaled her to get up so on Saturday s and Sundays when the alarm was turned off, he would go over to it and start pawing at it at the regular time to try to make it go off. When that failed, he would walk back and forth across my mom’s torso until she would relent and get up to feed him.

I used to laugh about this behavior……until we looked after a cat whose appetite put the Manx’s to shame.

Rufus is a large (20 lbs.) chamois colored male cat who panics when his food bowl is half empty. He is my daughter’s cat. A few years ago, he came to live at our house for maybe a year and a half when her living arrangements did not allow cats. For better or worse, we were cat owners for that period of time.

I kind of liked it……except when he decided that it was time for me to wake up to top off his (not empty) bowl.

He was very persistent in his pursuit of breakfast. The meowing would start at the foot of the bed. Then he would jump up and start pacing around and putting his purring face into my sleeping one. When I would roll over, he’d up the ante and start walking on me. He knew my weak spots from past successes and went right for my pillow. The hair walking was absolutely unbearable and it wouldn’t be long before I would give up in defeat. I’d shuffle down and fill up his bowl, then haul ass back upstairs, slam the bedroom door shut and dive back into bed.

One memorable morning he decided to climb up onto the shelf above the bed. He then launched himself in his full 20 lb. glory onto my abdomen. Ouch! Not cool cat!

I missed him when he went back to North Carolina, but I did enjoy sleeping in undisturbed on weekend mornings.

These days we have a pound dog whose internal clock goes off at around 6 AM. She is also relentless in her determination to wake me up and get me moving. Getting back to sleep after walking her around the block is almost impossible unless I’ve had a very late night.

It is sort of funny how she dives up onto the bed and slides like she’s coming in for a home run. She snuffles and rolls onto her back for belly rubs and she will absolutely not leave me alone until I get up.

Being a pet owner is pretty cool most of the time, but I wouldn’t mind sleeping in every now and then.


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