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Samurai Blue Jay – Interactive Wild Bird Games for the Whole Family

It’s the time of year when more people feed the birds. There isn’t as much food around. It’s colder. It’s fun to watch their aerial feats when they fly in to eat the seeds you put out for them.

We’ve been enjoying watching all the different kinds of birds flying in from the swath of woods behind our house to feed from the piles of sunflower seeds. We’ve been visited by cardinals, chickadees, tit-mice, blue jays and even a few woodpeckers. It reminds me of winter weekends in my home town.

The little town where I grew up was an older suburban neighborhood and the wildlife was very at home around the houses, people and even pets. Our fearless  squirrels used to walk up onto the deck, past at least three reclining cats and walk into our house. They didn’t stay long – just looked around nearsightedly, pee’d on the carpet and left.

We were not regular bird feeders when I was growing up, but we did have a fun activity during snow days and weekends which we called Samurai Blue Jay (probably around the time “Shogun” was on T.V.). The game consisted of a deck railing, strategically placed peanuts and a sizable and aggressive population of blue jays.

It didn’t take long for the birds to queue up on the maple tree in the back yard. Cautiously, the assembled jays would start to swoop down and land on the railing and investigate our offerings. Their hesitancy didn’t last long and before we knew it the air was filled with the diving birds. The funny thing was that they would try to dive bomb each other in order to make their competition drop the peanut – thus the Samurai aspect of the game.

It was absolutely amazing to watch the acrobatics of the hungry jays. The yard was filled with streaks of violet-blue and black and the fierce competition was a sight to behold. When the peanuts were all claimed, we would replenish the railing until the nuts were gone.

The birds had been fed and we had enjoyed their antics. The next time you’re out at the store, grab some unsalted peanuts in the shell and see what sorts of fun you can create by feeding the birds.

See post of another avid jay feeder:


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