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It’s a Tenuous Life

The holidays are a rough time for some people. They suffer from depression or feel alone and hopeless; disconnected from family and friends. There are a myriad of reasons why people become unhappy and while some are able to overcome it or persevere in spite of it, others sink further into their darkness until they can no longer perceive that there is any light in the world. Having dealt with my own bouts of depression, I understand what a difficult thing it is to live in that pit of despair. Its slippery walls make it nearly impossible to climb out of and even if you do finally free yourself, it always stays about three steps away from you,  ever ready for you to backslide.

Last night I got a call from one of my girlfriends. The brother of a mutual friend had committed suicide. He was 48.

It’s hard to fathom reaching such a level of hopelessness that death seems the best solution.

Life can be a hard thing sometimes and we all struggle with difficult situations. It can seem endless and intolerable to live through all the difficulties and disappointments. Friends and family can offer help when things get difficult. If that’s not enough, there are professionals who can help – councilors, doctors, suicide hotlines. Anything is better than giving into despair and ending a life.

I feel for my friend’s family because they now have to deal with their loss. I feel for this man’s children who must now emotionally process the pointless death of their father.

Please, if you come across this post, ask for help before making a tragic decision. Death is an end to pain, but it is also an end to joy, love and laughter.

Remember when you are out in the world to be compassionate to others. You may be able to save someone’s life.

Rest in Peace David


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