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Holiday Humbug

I’ve turned into one of those gloomy people who doesn’t like the holidays. I’m not sure exactly when it happened but at some point all the prep, shopping, wrapping and cooking just got to me. All I want to do every year is get through it as quickly as possible.

My family (mostly my husband) has decided that they are going to try to force me to like Christmas again. Hmmm, Guerilla Noel??? Not fun.

I am now surrounded with Christmas music from every available radio in the house, including the clock radio in my room. This wouldn’t bother me so much but the radio station tuned onto the alarm clock is stuck on Karen Carpenter & Elvis. I know it’s really mean, but all I can equate Karen Carpenter to is bulimia….and puking. Not good thoughts when tied to Christmas.

Elvis’s “Blue Christmas” is an especially loathsome tune and the only way that I like it is the Porky Pig version. Ugh.

I’m going to have to convince my family to back off a little with the promise that I will truly try to embrace the holiday spirit this year. It will be a monumental task, but I’m committed to trying if they’ll let me do it on my own.

So I’m off to make my lists and check them twice;

I promise not to be snarky and only be nice;

No griping while hanging the ornaments with care;

Wrap presents joyfully while not pulling my hair.

Before I know it Christmas will be here:

And I will be surrounded with those I hold dear.

The holidays will fill me with joy and delight

Happy Christmas to all, now get out of my sight!

Oops! Sorry!


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