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Urban Art – Tile & A Revolution in Philadelphia

When I was looking for graffiti art for my positive D.C. post, I found a cool non-D.C. picture which is now my screen saver at work. It is very colorful and bold and it made an impression on one of our outside sales reps who passed by me on her way out. She said it reminded her of Magic Gardens in Philadelphia. I’d never heard of it so I got onto Yahoo! looking for images. I found some neat ones and was reminded how much I appreciate beautiful tile work. This is definitely tile work with a flare.

Here’s my favorite:

More information on the hub page:

I’ll have to put a trip to Philly on my bucket list and make sure to visit this historic 60’s artist’s enclave.

Here’s another tile image that I found a while back that I think looks awesome on a house. I’ve got a spot near my front porch that could use a little TLC. Maybe I’ll look into the proper techniques for doing outside tile work and see if I can create something which compliments the house.  

Wall with Glass Tiles


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