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The Upside of Washington, D.C.

All that being said (in last post)., Washington, D.C is a really great city to visit with many museums, art galleries and areas of interest to visit.

Jefferson Memorial

Sometimes D.C. gets a bad rap simply because of it’s urban aspect. We know it’s not the cleanest city in the world. During my last trip downtown I decided to try to find my way out of the city using 7th Street. It was after those two giant snow storms which narrowed the streets and eliminated the metro bus pull-off lanes so I had a slow commute out of the city following behind one of those big, smelly behemoths. It did afford me the time to look around and take in all the cute shops. As I moved towards the edge of the city, the landscape changed from polished to….um, shopworn.

Lincoln Memorial - Very cool at night

I did see some cool graffiti before I crossed into Maryland. I actually like that art form even though taggers do leave their marks on other people’s property. I’m glad at least that it is a more accepted art form and there are venues for people to create using spray paint.

Here’s one I found on line:

Graffiti Art

Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad I’m not downtown today with the high winds, heavy rain and tornado warnings! Stay safe.  ~P


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