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City Driving – Hate It, Hate It, Hate It!

Twice a year I venture into D.C. in order to support one of our sales reps at a tradeshow. Basically, I am a body manning the table while he walks around and talks to clients and other vendors. I think this must be my fourth show now and as much as I enjoy doing tradeshows, I really hate driving in the city. Somehow the first three shows I managed to not get lost on the way to my destination, but all three times coming home was pretty darned convoluted.

Today it was drizzling and I had gotten a bit of a late start. Also, I forgot to bring something (non show related) to the rep and was trying to get in touch with someone at the office to see if I could swing by for it before heading downtown. My excuse for not effortlessly reaching my destination is weather and distraction.

Whatever the reason, I never was able to get onto Constitution Avenue during my drive. Thankfully I did know which direction to drive in, though I did take a bad turn here and there (one onto a one way street going the wrong way). D.C. drivers are used to people who don’t know what they hell they’re doing so I give them a lot of credit for me not having an accident.

Speaking of accidents, the combination of the squash soup and stress did give me a little lower GI distress, but you’ll be proud to know that I managed to get on site (and to the restroom) without incident.

The gift of the day (besides donuts for breakfast and a nice box lunch) was that I managed to successfully navigate my way out of the city following the route I had planned. The drizzle had stopped and I’m sure that was a big help with the visibility. Maybe next time around I’ll be able to get in and out of the city like a native.

Actually, the sad part about this whole lost in D.C. scenario is sort of sad considering I’ve lived in the suburbs of D.C. my whole life. Using this particular route hasn’t been too bad since the other drivers are pretty polite (for city folks). I went on a danger-girl mission with a coworker about three years ago and learned that sometimes it’s not a good thing to use one’s turn signals. Instead of causing people to let you merge, it warns them to close ranks and make you miss your exit.

I’ve got a 6 month reprieve (and will be back to my lovely 11 minute daily commute) until the next show. I’m hoping for light traffic and fine weather.


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