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Bad Hair Days – We All Have ‘Em

It’s almost Thanksgiving and I’m still not ready yet. I still have to come up with another dish or two to bring to our large family gathering and I can’t seem to switch gears.

I got a funny e-mail from a co-worker this morning with this picture attached:

Parrot Head? What was she thinking???

How are a weird hair picture and Thanksgiving related??? It reminded me of the year that I tried to dye my own hair, right before Thanksgiving.

My dark blonde hair had been getting darker and darker. The highlights I had been getting applied professionally just weren’t making much of a difference any more. When I mentioned this to my stylist, she said the next step would by dying all of it.

I mulled this over for a couple of weeks and thought to myself – “Self, you can buy a $10 box of dye and color your own hair rather than shelling out between $60 and $100. Just go get a box of Loreal and become blonde once again.”

It sounded like good advice so the Tuesday before Thanksgiving I scored a box of golden blonde at CVS and headed home to try it out. About that same time my husband and I had a stupid fight (there are rarely any other kind) and so were not talking to each other unless we had to.

I took my box, myself and an old bra into the bathroom and commenced to applying the cold goo to my locks and hid out for the next 20+ minutes to process. It is an interesting thing to watch the white foam change colors as it does its chemical thing. Actually it’s kind of scary…but not as scary as the results can turn out to be.

Unappealing Orange

Yikes! I rinsed that stuff off and blew my hair dry and right before my eyes I had morphed into Molly Ringwald  Not that there’s anything wrong with Molly, but holy hell! Strawberry was not what I was after!

I had no choice but to come out of the bathroom and face the laughter of my husband. This did not endear him to me since I was already pretty peeved at him. I had to show up on turkey day with my odd hair color. Luckily my husband’s family are wonderful people and were very supportive in spite of my bizarre hair.

It all worked itself out when we got back home. I bought an ash blonde kit and got much better results. Hubby and I made up (we always do eventually) and now ten years later I don’t bother to dye my hair at all. I’m a natural brunette with a few white highlights.


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2 thoughts on “Bad Hair Days – We All Have ‘Em

  1. LOL I’m sure it wasn’t that bad – strawberry blonde can be very pretty. I remember dying my hair myself when I was pregnant. NOT a good idea. It turned out, if I remember correctly almost 21 years later, that it had a greenish cast to it. In a panic, I called Simone (who always liked to do things with hair), and she came with a blonde kit and redid it and saved me… Not sure why her blonde kit worked and mine didn’t. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Paula!

  2. So funny! You must have picked the ash kit and needed golden and I did the exact opposite! It’s a good thing both of us have aged into perfectly pigmented adults. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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