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Still of the Night – The Forgotten Streep Movie

Hello my three fans (hubby, mom & Alexa)! I haven’t forgotten about my quest to watch and write about all the Meryl Streep movies. I’ve let myself get sidetracked and I’d like to turn back to my project.

I was goofing around on last week looking for cool books and movies. The site is pretty good about making recommendations based upon previous purchases (and maybe even browsing habits). Imagine my surprise when “Still of the Night” popped up on my recommendation list. I had completely forgotten about it. The thing is, that movie scared the shit out of me – so suspenseful, especially Roy Scheider wondering whether Meryl was going to whack him the first time he let his defenses down.


Here’s the Amazon editorial review:

Fresh from his huge success with the beloved Kramer vs. Kramer, writer-director Robert Benton chose to make a 180-degree turn with this frosty thriller. Roy Scheider plays a Manhattan psychologist, Sam Rice, who is dragged into a murder investigation when one of his patients is killed. The prime suspect is played by Meryl Streep, then at the height of her stardom (the film was released within a week of Streep’s triumphant Sophie’s Choice in 1982). Rice understandably lets his basic instincts take over and falls for this brisk, blond mystery woman, though he can’t help wondering whether she will kiss him or kill him. The movie may be chilly, but it’s well executed, with all-cool style and Hitchcockian angles. Benton gets good work from an expert supporting cast, including Jessica Tandy as Rice’s mother, who’s also a shrink. –Robert Horton

Shame on me for forgetting this fabulous thriller and shame on someone else for not converting it to dvd format. It is available on in VHS format or you can rent it on demand for $2.99.


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