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Goddess 64 Weekend in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Finally! A weekend away with my best girlfriends! It’s been over a year since I’ve seen them and that is way too long between visits. Last year the Berkeley weekend coincided with the holiday parties for both my husband’s & my company. We chose to go to my husband’s party because he’s a much bigger dog in his organization than I am in mine (I’m a teacup Chihuahua at my office!), plus his company always pulls out the stops with food and venue.

What I missed on that trip was the impromptu jam session of the century. My friends had wandered into one of the many quirky shops along the main drag after a wine tasting and found a bunch of drums that the store had for sale. Next thing you know they were all pounding away and having such a fabulous time. The store owner even joined them in their ecstatic outburst and became a good friend.

Since then my friends have had several drum lesson sessions (with a trained professional) and most of them have even gotten drums of their own. I have missed every single one of these sessions because of schedule conflicts. Happily I was able to join them for a trip to Teresa’s cabin this weekend.

Berkeley Springs is enjoyable anyway, but add a bunch of crazy goddesses circa 1964 and you triple the fun. I drove up with my friend Alexa riding shotgun. I’ve known her since I was five and we’ve stayed in touch over all those years. We had a nice drive catching up on all the news and stuff. We talked so much I missed one of the exits and had to double back.

We got into town, parked and did some shopping. My first stop is always The Rag Shop which is a consignment store that benefits multiple charities with the proceeds of their sales. After that we just worked our way down the main drag looking for the new age store where the frenzied drumming occurred last year. While on our search we stopped into the Lion’s Lair where both of us found some amazing hand painted tiles. I think they’re meant to be used as trivets or hanging art, but could probably be incorporated into a backsplash in a kitchen. Here’s a picture of “Lucius” the store’s colorful mascot and here is an example of the tiles we had to choose from:

"Lucius" Check him from the back and find out he's all boy!

Amazingly Beautiful Hand Painted Tiles

We lugged our bags up the street and found ourselves at Tari’s which is a combination restaurant and art gallery. I recommend the cream of crab soup – super yum! It’s a pleasant place to eat and it’s cool to be surrounded by art while dining. We went back for lunch on Sunday. Here’s a picture of my club wrap:

Tari's Club Wrap - Yum!!!

We finally found the new age store around the corner near the hot springs and had fun poking around and talking to the owner. I got a few pieces of jewelry and Alexa scored her second green shirt of our spree!

We drove on up to Teresa’s cabin after we got all of our loot stowed in the back of the car and spent the majority of the weekend eating, drinking, talking and laughing. There is something really magic when we all get together up there. All the stress of every day just dissipates and leaves a lovely lightness of spirit. We took a couple of walks along the bank of the little river that runs along the property and the dogs ran on ahead and then back to check on us.

Me at the moment that my book idea came together

Beaver's been after a tree down by the water

Tucker & Turbo, Our Good Dog Companions on the Trip

I feel so lucky to have such great friends. They are all really unique and talented. Each one of them touches people’s lives in some way in the work that they do. I admire them and am so glad to have their friendship.

We never did get around to doing any drumming, but I’m on the hunt for an instrument of my own. Wish me luck!

P.S. The store where my friends jammed with the owner (Tom) is called Portals. They have a really great variety of items. I got a ring & a couple pair of earrings there as well as some pretty rocks for my girls. You can buy drums there if the fancy strikes you. Tom is a wonderful fellow and very helpful if you’re looking for something specific. Do stop by to see him (near the hot springs) if you get the opportunity to visit Berkeley Springs, WV. Hopefully my post has inspired you to do so!


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