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Ocean City, Maryland Weekend

My girlfriends and I have been going down to Fenwick Island, DE every April ever since the year we all turned 40. This past spring things just didn’t work out and we wound up not renting our funky little beach house. I missed seeing my friends for our annual escape and have been yearning to hit the Maryland/Delaware shore ever since (even though we had a wonderful family vacation in North Carolina in June).

Hubby had the wonderful idea that we do a weekend in Ocean City together so that I could over my yearning for our local beach.

It was a wonderful weekend for weather. We got up early on Saturday (drove down Friday night), got Slammed at Denny’s (breakfast) and drove over to the park area in Fenwick. It was a windy day so in addition to my hoodie, I also had on another fleece jacket and earmuffs though I did decide to go barefoot. We took a long walk north towards Bethany and I was surprised at how many shells and debris were washed up onto the sand. I did the usual beach combing and was particularly looking for sea glass, but anything unusual or beautiful was fair game too.

I found a bunch of sea snail shells. I love their shape and color.

I didn’t realize sand dollars were up this far north in the Atlantic, but I found two tiny ones and a medium sized one! So cool!

I did okay on sea glass with one good sized frosted clear, two amber and two green ones.

Oh so sad though about the pieces I had to throw back – one intact clear bottle neck, an amber beer bottle base and a lovely emerald green thick glass neck piece which was probably from a wine bottle. That one hurt my heart a little as I flung it back into the ocean. I tried to feel better about someone finding it after the sand and waves had smoothed its sharp edges and frosted its surface.

After we got done walking the beach we did some shopping in Bethany. We drove up to spend some time at the boardwalk in Rehobeth but couldn’t find a parking spot anywhere. The place was packed. Since the whole point of going to the beach in the fall is to avoid crowds, we just moved on. The Tanger Outlets along the highway in Rehobeth were fun, though I know we spent more money than we had intended to.

Lunch was wonderful. We stopped at The Cottage Café and had the best cream of crab soup I’ve ever had, and then fried oyster sandwiches. Yum!!! So good.

The Most Delicious Cream of Crab Soup Ever! So Creamy!

A Piece of Art for Sale at The Cottage Cafe

After we got back to the hotel (Holiday in 1300 block – very nice), we decided to take a short walk on the boardwalk. We had noticed that there seemed to be an awful lot of Corvettes out on the road when we were out and knew some sort of event must be going on that weekend. Well, we walked smack dab into a parade of 600 of them while we were out walking. We sat on the steps of our hotel and watched them roll by for a while. I thought the ‘57s were especially pretty. I couldn’t get over how much the bystanders were getting into the whole thing and many of the passengers had puppets or flags they were waving around. It would be a cool to know the gross dollar value of all of the vehicles that rolled past us.

I didn't have my camera during the parade, thus I "borrowed" this one off line.

The rest of the weekend was very leisurely and we had a good time. It was nice to get back home to our home and family though. I guess I’ll just try to keep winning the lottery so that we can all go down there regularly!


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