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Channeling Pollock

Not really, it’s just been a while since I’ve messed with paints so I went out on the lawn with a canvas and some little bottles of paint and went to town. Sometimes I wonder what the neighbors think about my family’s painting antics on the front lawn, then I remind myself that it doesn’t matter as long as we’re having fun.


I’ve had these paints for a while. They were meant for a decoupage thing I was going to do on the many cigar boxes we have accumulating in our garage. The first couple attempts didn’t turn out as well as I expected so I tabled the idea.


I like these paints because it really is easy (and fun) to fling them onto the canvas. The tube paints don’t dilute as well as I’d like them to so I’ll probably keep these more liquid types on hand for future fling fests.


The final product turned out well, though it did take an eternity for it to dry. It’s got great texture and is cool to look at and touch.


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