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Chocolate Caramel Apples Experiment

Many, many moons ago I had a boyfriend whose mom worked at Saks Fifth Avenue. During one Christmas season we went over to visit her at her new apartment and she had brought home a lovely apple covered in some sort of chocolate and caramel concoction, then decorated with a colored confection. It was cut into tiny slices all the way around. I’m looking at it like “I could eat that whole thing by myself” and trying not to look bewildered by the one tiny slice I had been served. It was delicious, but too darned small for my gargantuan appetite.

Flash forward 25 years or so and I still want a big ol’ chocolate caramel apple! I’m not going to Saks so I guess I’ll have to experiment with it myself in order to satisfy my desire for chewy chocolate apples.

Sugar and range burners are a tricky combination and take too much supervision so I decided to melt 2 bags of caramels, 1 bag of chocolate chunks and a couple splashes of heavy whipping cream in the microwave at 50% power.

The resulting concoction turned out well:


I got very large Granny Smith apples for my project and used the sticks from the caramel bag for the handles:


Whoa! Really thick, sludgy coating! but since the apples were pretty big I was pleased.


I had my resident taste-testers try them out:

Tester #1 finished her whole apple without a problem and pronounced it delicious.


Tester #2 ate a few bites of her apple, said it was okay and went on with her day.


The Chef’s review: The whole taste experience was a bit too much (can’t believe I’m saying that). The large apples were unwieldy and difficult to eat. The chocolate was overwhelming and I too admitted defeat after 4 or 5 bites.

I will try this experiment again using smaller apples and diluting the caramel with more cream or half and half for a less intense chocolate covering.



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