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Labor Day Weekend 2010 – Monday Relaxing

It was very nice waking up and knowing I didn’t have to deal with anything (not even laundry) and we went out for breakfast at Denny’s. We ate our fill of pancakes and eggs and spent the rest of the day relaxing. I got a book about Julia Child in the mail on Friday and was able to read most of it while lounging on the screened in porch and enjoying the coolness of the day.

The girls finished up their outstanding homework, played with the dog and the Wii a little bit and watched T.V. the rest of the time. It was really nice to have a day to relax after so much hard work.

The book about Julia Child (Julia Child: A Life) is well written and ties in very well with the movie “Julie & Julia”. I’ve got Julia’s book about her life in France on order and am considering the book of letters written by Julia Child and Avis DeVoto, but I don’t see a release date on Amazon.

I’ve become very interested in Julia’s work to become an advocate for food both in print and on T.V. She spent so many years on her first book (collaborating with Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle) and was rewarded with a long career doing what she enjoyed. I’ve also been reading about Nora Ephron who wrote the screenplay for “Julie & Julia” as well as other movies I’ve enjoyed. I’m hoping to glean what makes these remarkable women successful in what they have accomplished. Mostly I think its passion, brilliance and tenacity. I wonder if those attributes are attainable at the advanced age of 46? I’ll let you know.

I also see on Amazon that there is a Meryl Streep Biography coming out at the end of this month. That should be interesting. I may put that on my Christmas wish list. Hmmm, even better, “Streep: A Life in Film” is available used in paperback for about $11. Sold!

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully your holiday weekend involved less work and more play!


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