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Labor Day Weekend 2010 – Sunday Mass Clean-Up, Part II

We dragged Grendel’s blankets back out onto the lawn and I started on my older daughter’s stuff. My Sprite has been much more particular about her room, but I knew there were things lurking in her closet and under her bed which needed to go. She was also delighted to be out in the beautiful day going through all of her things and deciding what to keep and what to jettison.

Both girls were done by dinner and had taken all the keeper stuff back to their rooms. I worked on multiple loads of laundry during the day and got them to help me go through everything that evening. We have many bags to go to the thrift store and even more for the garbage man to handle. Our carbon footprint grew immensely this weekend but I’m happy that all that stuff is out of the house.

Our poor vacuum was put through its paces as I went through the almost empty rooms and swept up dust bunnies, dog hair and various beads and pieces of plastic. We have a bagless model with a cylindrical tank. I think I must have emptied that thing twenty times as I worked my way through the house. It feels good that all of us made progress in getting the house in order.

Red, Hot & Blue for dinner – smoked sausage links, onion loaf & potato salad! So delicious!


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