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Labor Day Weekend 2010 – Saturday Mass Clean-Up, Part I

I’ve been meaning to work with both girls this summer on cleaning up their rooms (one of which was in very bad shape) but every time I thought about doing it, I’d turn away defeated by the sheer size of the job. Seeing as how Labor Day officially marks the end of summer break and we had three days, I forced myself to turn to this project. I went down to our storage room and found three very old blankets and spread them out on the front lawn, dropped the bomb on Grendel that she was going to have to deal with her stuff and started carrying stuff out of the house.

My reasoning behind dumping everything on the front lawn was simple – it forces her to handle every single item and it takes effort to carry it back into the house. Over the past couple of years I’ve done major clean-ups in her room, but since I was the main person cleaning, she didn’t take much ownership in maintaining her room’s neatness. I’m hoping that since she was forced to take a greater role this time that she’ll be more mindful about her sloppy habits.

She actually seemed to enjoy the process of going through her stuff and it was a beautiful day to be outside. I did feel a little stab of guilt about throwing all of her stuff out onto the lawn, but it wasn’t as if she wasn’t welcome back in. Just a lot of her junk was persona non grata.

We had a very simple dinner since all of us were busy on projects, but that’s not to say it was plain – Cold marinated London broil with cucumbers for the girls and a lovely iceberg lettuce wedge with local farm grown tomatoes sprinkled liberally with blue cheese and topped with blue cheese salad dressing. Uncomplicated and yummy!

My daughter ran out of daylight before she was done going through all of her stuff so my husband wound up dragging the blankets into the foyer. At least taking them out in the morning would be a snap.


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