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Labor Day Weekend 2010 – Light & Breezy Friday

The kids had off of school on Friday for professional development day. Yes, that’s right, it’s their first week back and they already had a day off which gave them a four day weekend right off the bat. Seeing as how I have half day Fridays during the summer, it didn’t trouble me too much.

We spent the afternoon running around and having fun. The girls both wanted their hair cut so we went over to the little salon we like, ate a treat at Rita’s and they got trimmed. We went by Marshall’s just to look around. They continue to have new hide purses. There were a couple of really neat ones dyed as zebra and leopard. I briefly thought about putting one on layaway but decided against it. I’ve got one that’s really cool and that’s enough.

My eleven year old (nicknamed Grendel) has been bugging me since last school year about getting a cell phone. I’ve weaved, dodged, parried and argued against the need and expense of such an item but we came to the agreement that I’d buy her a pay-as-you-go phone but she would have to purchase the minutes out of her allowance. We stopped by Target and she picked out a sliding model with a full keyboard so that she could text easily. She spent the drive home trying to break into the packaging and the rest of the evening petting her new phone. She managed to get the thing activated on her own and I have already received numerous texts from her.


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