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Discontinued Products – Hey! Where’s That Thing I Like???

Don’t you hate it when a product you love is discontinued? It bugs the heck out of me and I’ve been around to remember a lot of stuff you can no longer get.

I remember Farrah Fawcett shampoo for example. It smelled divine and really did make my hair nice and shiny despite the fact that I was never able to get it to feather properly. Had I known then what I know now I probably would have bought a couple of 55 gallon drums of the stuff. I was thinking not too long ago that the hair product I’ve been using for the past year or so was pretty good and that I should stock up. Before I had the chance to do just that Pantene decided to revamp their entire product line. I was not pleased. I switched to Garnier.

The thing is that this has happened many times in my lifetime and not just with products but styles too. I had the coolest granny boots back around 1994 that I got at Woodie’s (now closed too, but that’s another story) and I wished that I’d bought a couple of back-up pairs because they were cute and stylish and I knew eventually I wouldn’t be able to buy them any more.

I have finally learned my lesson about things of this sort and actually have begun to stock up on stuff I may not be able to get in the future. Early this summer I found a pair of Sketchers flip-flops which were great. They have a bit of a heel to them and most of the band runs across the top of my foot so I don’t get the blister in between my toes from the thong rubbing the skin. I went back and bought two more pairs and put them away for later.

Mascara has become a difficult product for me. I have many tubes of different brands which promised me lushness but only delivered slightly darker skinny lashes. There have been brands over the years that I liked but I have found that the lash industry has an astonishing turnover with their products. I finally found a mascara that I like – it lengthens, thickens and washes off with soap and water (Extra Super Lash by Rimmel). When I started thinking about the possibility of never being able to buy it again I went into shop & store mode.

I had found the original product at Target so I went back to the store where I bought it and found that they had ten tubes left. Yup, bought ‘em all. Yesterday I went on an emergency 3-ring-binder finding mission at another area Target and went on the hunt again. I scored twelve tubes, and then went sheepishly up to the registers. Oh no, a male cashier! I took the anticipatory measure of explaining to the young man that it’s really a great product and I feared that I may at some point not be able to get it so I was stocking up.

He laughed and said that he’d just had relatives in town, one of which had found unwaxed, unflavored dental floss here and stocked up. Apparently this is not available in parts of New Jersey. We had a good laugh about hording coveted cosmetics and I didn’t feel like as much of a weirdo for my current purchasing habits.

If there is something in your life that you love and would hate to live without, I suggest you stockpile a little just in case you fall out of some marketing department’s niche. Get enough to last you until you can convince the company to start making it again. If you believe I’m wrong about this, think back to the Seinfeld episode regarding Elaine and her sponges. I bet you’ll reconsider.


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