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Skinny Jeans – Not This Time Around

I wore them in the ‘80’s – skin tight, waist to ankle denim with slouch socks and high-top athletic shoes. Back then I was in my twenties and could wear pretty much anything and get away with it. I was also much more under the influence of fashion than I am now. These days comfort and style rule over popular fashion trends and I’m putting my foot down! No Skinny Jeans For Me!!!


Now to be honest, I also balked at flared jeans when they first came out (I had exactly one pair of those when I was nine years old and they were cool!) but I wound up finding some figure flattering pairs and have thoroughly embraced them. The problem is that I don’t want to give them up. I like that they emphasize my curves and there is something about that flare that lengthens the leg.


Have you seen the emo punks at the mall wearing this resurrected fashion??? Ew! They slouch along with their drooping butts and equally bowed shoulders with their hair swept across their foreheads and into their eyes. Am I supposed to emulate them? Sorry, can’t do it. I will not go out in public doing a bad imitation of a limp (yet tightly packed) sausage. I’d just as soon continue to glide along with my mile long legs and the hem of my jeans gently flowing over my classic Victoria’s Secret brown leather boots casting a willowy shadow in my wake.


Fashionistas & A-Listers (B & C Listers too) have adopted this new trend because its part of their culture and what is expected of them but that doesn’t mean it looks good. I’ve included several pictures so that you can see for yourself.


This is not entirely bad news for those of us who like flares and bootcut jeans so long as you don’t mind digging around at your local thrift store. As skinny jeans become more mainstream many people will start to clean out their closets and donate their older stuff to organizations like Purple Heart. I used to think that these clothes went directly to needy people, but they actually wind up being sold at thrift stores for deeply discounted prices. Savvy shoppers can pick up some great deals.


This fall there will be a lot of sausagy silhouettes out and about. Skinny jeans, Leggings and Jeggings will abound. There are going to be a lot of full figured folks strutting around looking like nothing more than a duffle bag full of pudding and all in the name of fashion. Hopefully the clothing industry will at least see fit to make a lot of flowing tops to cover up some of that junk.


I’ll be one of the holdouts buying up all of the passé boot cut jeans. I will be happy knowing that my circulation will not be compromised and that no one will have to look at my painfully encased buttocks & thighs.

Update – You can still get bootcuts & flares at I have a friend there and get updates mailed to me. I’m very glad that at least one mainstream company will still be carrying jeans I like!


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