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Is It Wrong That I Like AARP, The Magazine???

I’ve been avoiding it for quite a while. We get their advertising mail at home and up until recently we’ve been getting one copy of the magazine at work. At home, their mail goes straight into my garbage can. I see those four capital letters and think “I’m waaaayyyy to young to even be thinking about this organization.” At work I am the official mail distributor and notice all of the publications that come through the door.

In the past I have made sure to give the copy that comes to our office straight to our human resources director – she deals with the young and the old so it seems logical that the publication would be of value to her department. I just make sure to hand it over as quickly as possible so that there is never any misunderstanding that it is my magazine…except for yesterday.

For whatever reason we are now receiving two complimentary copies of the magazine at work. This month’s issue has Dennis Quaid and his infant twins on the cover. Curious as to whom he’s married these days (last time I checked it was Meg Ryan), I leafed through the issue.

You know what? There were a lot of good articles in there! I was really surprised. There were items about travel and retirement (not that I’ll ever be able to afford to retire), relationships and creativity. I have to say that I was and am very inspired. Hopefully the next issues are as good as this one. I may actually become a regular reader.

After checking with our HR guru about what to do with the second copy, she said that I could distribute it however I wished since no one on the executive side seemed interested in reading it. I put it back in the common lunch room and Poof! it disappeared. Someone else found enough value between the pages that they decided to keep the copy for themselves.

I just want to make clear that I’m maturing (not aging) gracefully while I explore AARP. I’m clinging like the dickens to the top of the hill and trying very hard not to go careening down the other side. I’ll meet you there later on and we can exchange some interesting stories!


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