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The Farm Fresh Produce of My Past

I have many wonderful memories from my childhood and summer especially reminds me of all the delicious produce I had as a child. Every time I pass a farm stand on the side of the road I remember the tender, sweet silver queen corn from my grandfather’s field. Store bought peaches will never tastes as juicy and sweet as those from the orchard at my grandparents’ farm. To this day I think a perfect summer meal is a feast of corn on the cob and red, ripe tomatoes. Again, nothing could rival the big girl variety my grandfather grew. They were enormous with thick outer skins and a sweet tangy center. We’d slice them thick and just sprinkle them with a little salt and pepper. Yum!!!

Sadly I haven’t had any fresh corn this summer. I bought some at the grocery store and my family enjoyed but I knew I would be disappointed so I skipped it. I found a farm stand a couple of years ago which sold wonderful corn and wound up buying a bag of 6 dozen ears from the man running the stand. We ate every bit of it and were in heaven. I haven’t been in the area where I bought this wonderful produce for a while and the summer has passed me by. At this point I doubt there is any edible sweet corn available at stands so I’ll have to remind myself to be extra diligent next year in acquiring field grown veggies.

My grandparents’ farm was a wonderful place, not just because of the tasty field fresh food, or the animals, but all of it. Maybe this fall I’ll take some time to write a series (and include some scanned pictures from the family album) and take you on a tour of the past.


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