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MIA – I’m Back From the Abyss

No, I’m not dead. Yes, I’ve still been watching Meryl movies as well as others. I’ve also become interested in books by Nora Ephron. I’ve gone on some interesting shopping trips and become wistful about lovely things from my past that are gone.

Let’s play a little catch-up before I start writing about Meryl movies again.

It’s been kind of busy lately at work and at home and truthfully, I’ve been a little preoccupied and therefore not motivated to write. Now it’s time again to pull myself up by my bootstraps. After that the only thing to do is give myself a good kick in the pants and start writing again.

Last Friday afternoon I did a lot of running around (I’m switching from my bank to a credit union and needed to move money around) and happened to be in the vicinity of a Ross store. I figured I’d go in and see what they had in the way of single sheets and purses and housewares.

No luck with sheets. I don’t need any more purses (plus their selection was not great). Bingo on housewears though! I found some really cool rooster mugs with matching bowls and even some rooster placemats. My older daughter had asked for a large frying pan as part of her Christmas gift and they happened to have one of those too.

While I was standing in line I started to think about those roosters though. Hadn’t someone mentioned to me recently that they collected such a thing? I stood there in line with my arms aching trying to figure out who had told me that. Oh darn. My older daughter loves roosters which means that all the fabulous presents I was going to buy for myself are now inadvertent Christmas presents. Oh well. She’ll love ‘em and I can always go out and find other cool stuff for my house later. This is a first for me by the way. I don’t generally start holiday shopping until December. I wonder if this will become a trend with me or simply a fluke? We’ll see I guess.

That’s all for now!


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