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Space – Playing with PowerPoint, Yahoo! Image Search & Thumbnails

I’m about halfway through “Dark Matter” which is a Meryl movie from 2007 which did not seem to generate a lot of public recognition. So far I understand why – Snoozer!!!

I should be finished by tomorrow and will write a more balanced review.

In the meantime, I was thinking about space (since that’s where the Dark Matter apparently is) and art (‘cause I love it) so I put together this collage of images that I thought were beautiful.

Big Brother (a.k.a. Barracuda) has come to my office and tracks all internet activity during working hours. Living an internet free existence at work is hard! Just a little snippet every now and then is certainly justifiable if one is getting their work done, but we now all live in fear of the barracuda’s bite. I took a chance and did an image search on Yahoo! and just copied the thumbnails rather than getting into any sites. I wonder if I fooled the toothy fish or if come September I’ll hear about my errant surfing when I get my annual review. Time will tell.

Anyway, enjoy the collage and have a super day!


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