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And Speaking of Cher…

I really have not given her proper credit for her accomplishments as an actress. True she hasn’t done a ton of movies but some of the ones she’s worked in have been really great. In addition to Silkwood (for which she received an Academy Award for best supporting actress), she did a fabulous job in:

It’s kind of funny because she has not been a prolific actress (seeing as how she has an ongoing music career being a producer, she doesn’t really need to be) but she’s really very good at it and as I said, she’s done some very fine work. “Mermaids” & “Tea with Mussolini” have been on cable pretty regularly so when I have time, I tune in for a bit. If you’ve not seen “Tea with Mussolini”, do take the opportunity to do so. There’s an all-star British cast, Florence in the background and enough art to make a true art appreciator drool.

There is one scene in particular where Cher’s character’s fabulous modern art collection is shown at a very fast pace and I just want to scream at the TV to slow down. The contrast between her collection and the religious murals and statuary is wonderful and it is apparent the artistic value of both.

Cher is exceptionally likeable in all of her roles in spite of (or perhaps because of) her perpetual center-of-the-universe persona lording over her family and friends. It’s as if she is thinking “Yes, I am a rock star and I will graciously accept your admiration of me.” That’s just Cher.

I’m going to revisit “Moonstruck” as soon as I get the chance. It’s a great romance and I’m sure there’s a lot I’ve forgotten. My favorite part of the movie is the New York backdrop. I was a bridesmaid once way back when and the wedding was in Queens. I have very fond memories of that trip and all the fun my friends and I had. I’ll get to revisit it more vividly while I watch the movie.


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