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Secret Rainbows & God Rays

The wonderful thing about being a parent is sharing discoveries with your kids. Their observations range from bizarre to cute to funny to truly introspective (wow, I never thought of that!). Little children are especially open about what they are thinking (much to the embarrassment of their parents sometimes) and they really do say the darnedest things. If you pay attention and listen very carefully you can learn a lot from them. If you listen with your heart you will experience joy.

Secret Rainbows

The house we purchased back in ’97 came with three skylights, which was something new for our family. The light was very nice, but I kept trying to turn them off for the first few months after we moved in – duh! The house was built around 1982 and had the dome style bubble on the exterior side which was popular at that time. I’m not sure what purpose the rounded exterior served other than to channel water off of it quickly. Whatever the exterior reason, the interior result was very fun for my daughters and I – Secret Rainbows appeared at random on the walls around our house as the sun traveled across the sky.

My girls used to love to discover them in the mornings & afternoons when we were home on weekends and watch them magically fade if a cloud happened to pass overhead. They would always reappear much to our delight.

The girls are older now and not as easily entertained by such simple things anymore. Last summer I noticed that two of the skylight domes had begun to crack. Time does that to things. I too have a few more cracks than I did in ’82 though mine at least convey a little character and wisdom (or so I like to think) instead of structural decay. We decided it was best to replace them since we needed a new roof anyway.

The new skylights are flat. They filter out the harsher aspects of the light and they are energy efficient (totally got that tax write-off dude). They do not hold any secret delights and are merely a functional way to bring light into our home. Still, I miss the rainbows and their wonderful way of bringing an unexpected smile to my face and maybe a little hope that everything in my life was going to work out okay.

Maybe I’ll go buy some prisms and hang them where they will catch the light and invite the rainbows back into my home.

God Rays

As you may have noticed, I like movies….a lot. A few years back I was under-employed…..a lot. I wound up becoming a Netflix junkie just to get me through my days of sending out resumes and cover letters (which sucks). I watched a lot of international movies simply because I find Europeans a whole lot more interesting than Americans.

I happened upon a movie starring Pierce Brosnan called “Evelyn” in which a father loses custody of his children to the state and is fighting to get them back. It’s a really good movie, especially the courtroom scenes (and it’s based on a true story). I was watching it one weekend while folding laundry in the family room when my girls joined me. It was the part where the youngest child Evelyn was answering questions in the courtroom and having a difficult time of it. Seeing as how she was being questioned in a room full of spectators and stern looking men in wigs, I can understand her discomfiture.

Suddenly light filters down in softened rays into the window behind her seat. Her grandfather had told her before he died that this was an indication that a dead family member was near and sharing their strength from heaven. God Rays. She was able to muster strength from these rays and set the judges straight about the way things were. Her testimony was enough to convince the judges to release her and her brothers back into the custody of their father (sorry for the spoiler).

My girls were enchanted by the God Ray concept and even now point them out to me when we’re driving down the road. To them they seem to represent hope; that goodness is not only possible but ultimately prevails. I sincerely hope that they carry this optimism into adulthood.


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