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Funny little windows into the comedy of my daily life:

The Elusive Snack – I was sitting in my office the other day and one of my co-workers stuck his head into my office and asked me if I happened to have any milk. I didn’t, but he looked so downtrodden I asked if there was anything I could do to help. He gave a defeated sigh and told me that he’d forgotten to bring any breakfast so he’d headed to the snack machine in the break room in search of food, but it had gotten stuck in the machine rather than dropping down into the retrieval slot. He had some dry cereal and was willing to eat that if he could locate some milk, but he’d really had his heart set on the confection.

I walked back with him to see if I could free the trapped snack, but it eluded me as well. Someone was finally able to shake the machine hard enough to free his treat and he happily continued with his day satisfied that he had something in his belly.

Confucius Say There is nothing as unsatisfying as a Dangling Crimpet.

Family Grooming – We had a family wedding to attend a couple of weeks ago which involved all of us getting presentable looking for the blessed event. My son has always been very particular about who cuts his hair and even after he moved a few states away, insists upon seeing the same hairdresser when he comes back home for visits. He was looking a little shaggy a couple of days beforehand and I volunteered to use my husbands trimmer if he wanted a closer cut.

I really didn’t expect him to say yes so I was a bit stunned when he asked where we stored it. He brought it to the house where we were staying, but forgot to bring the attachments – meaning that it was on the closest possible setting. I explained that it was going to be a close trim and he said that was okay. I was so nervous during the whole procedure that I accidentally nicked his ear and could feel beads of sweat on my forehead. After I got the bleeding stopped I finished shearing his head. When all was said and done he was pleased (except for the nicked ear part which I’m still sort of laughing about) and he is even considering buying a trimmer for himself.

During this stressful process my girls were also getting ready. Half way through the trimming the older of my two girls announces that she needs to shave her underarms (outdoor summer event, sleeveless dresses). I told her where to find a new razor and continued trimming. She came back five minutes later asking for help. I told her she’d have to wait until I was done with her brother. Within two minutes of finishing the haircut I was after my daughter’s pits with the razor and finishing up by spraying her with antiperspirant. When I turned to my other daughter, I asked her if she needed some too. She did.

We all turned up in fine form, but the weirdness of the preparation stuck with me all the way to the wedding.

Confucius Say a relationship is the opportunity to do something you hate with someone you love.

Puddle Jumping – We’ve had a lot of rain here the last couple of days but other than some slight parking inconvenience at my office (we’re getting a new roof and can’t park close to the building), there have been no problems associated with it.

I went to the quaint shopping area not far from my office at lunchtime just to get out of the office and pick up some lottery tickets when I noticed a sizable puddle of water spanning an entire sitting area between the two sections. It was truly amazing and I had to assume that the water level has gotten so high around here that the drains had no place to send the runoff so it just sat at the lowest point of the concrete.

People were actually stopping to take in the strange phenomenon but the coolest thing was the kids. They cavorted through the water like it was the best toy ever invented. Their joy at the impromptu pool was glorious and better yet, contagious. Everybody passing by the spectacle smiled.

Confucius Say do not let the passing of years rob you of your childlish enthusiasm.


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