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Sunburn Residual – A Poem

Summer sun so brightly shining

shimmers on the crashing ocean

Bodies on the beach front lining

glisten jewel-like with suntan lotion


Hours pass in the dazzling day

heated brows the breezes cool

an ocean dip, refreshing play

minnows dart in a reflecting pool


Evening comes; the crowds retreat

with sand-filled suits and scarlet skin

The lowering sun takes away its heat

Its lingering warmth burns from within


Creams and aloe provide relief

from scorched skin and sunburn pain

Vacation breaks are all too brief

Tomorrow finds us on the beach again


Back home again and done unpacking

Rested and relaxed a lovely feeling

Waves and sand are sadly lacking

Blistered shoulders commence to peeling


First tiny bubbles begin to appear

their whitened edges invite temptation

Seeking fingertips draw near

and then commence their devastation


Sheets of cellophane strips are freed

torn gently from their tenuous perch

Deft fingers move with dizzying speed

hungry to carry on their search


A storm of peelings fall like snow

a new layer of pinkness is revealed

As the shreds diminish the fingers slow

Finally the carnage ends, no flakes left to yield


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One thought on “Sunburn Residual – A Poem

  1. Oh this was very funny….well for those of who watch the tourist on our beaches and wonder why they spend so much time in the sun…smiles…delightful poem.

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