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Beach Update & Pictures

Well, our trip is almost at an end and per usual the weather and conditions are different each day that we’re here. I went out Wednesday morning confident that I would bring back a slew of beach glass – it was overcast and rained on and off in the early morning and there was a bunch of stuff strewn on the shore line. I was lucky and found some more clear pieces, but was really disappointed that I was not able to find any colored pieces.

More Shells & Glass

I wrongly assumed that just because I had little competition out on the beach that I would be able to find all sorts of treasure. I forgot that Mother Nature has a twisted sense of humor and she held back her best stuff because I got a little too cocky. I did find an interesting piece of pottery – looks like it’s from a fancy flower pot.

The surf today was very rough. I’ve noticed that the pelicans are traveling in large groups along the beach and when cruising for fish. I saw a bunch of pelicans today, but they were only flying along the beach side. I guess it was just too rough to fly over the water. I wonder what they eat when they can’t fish?

No sandpipers (or whatever the little birds are called) have appeared while we’ve been here. At least the little fish have stopped beaching themselves. I was getting tired of throwing the live ones back into the water.

We went by Oregon Inlet after dinner on Thursday. It was too late to see any activity on the boats, but they were all lined up at the dock and pristinely clean.

I’m looking forward to our last day on the beach tomorrow and hopefully I will get one last opportunity to add to my sea glass collection. I’m not holding out much hope since the beach has eroded significantly with the storms we’ve had the last couple of nights. Much has been drawn into the surf rather than spewed out of it.

I’ll get back onto the Meryl Movie Marathon soon – “First Do No Harm” will be on the agenda. Hopefully you will tune in! Thanks for stopping by!


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