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Sea Glass – My Yearly Obsession

During our family beach vacation every summer I spend every available moment I can searching the beach for the tumbled remains of broken glass bottles which the ocean has sanded smooth over years in the surf.

Some years I find almost nothing. Other years my pockets bulge with these fabulous jewels of the sea.  On the days I can’t find anything on the shore, I am forced into the graveled areas in the surf and am limited to looking for green pieces since the clear and amber glass blend into the background of shells and rocks. At this point gathering becomes hunting with the sea working against me as I strive to add to my collection.

I have had remarkable luck since we’ve been in Nags Head, NC this week. Most of the pieces I’ve found (with the help of my husband) have been clear/white pieces, but there are a couple of aquas (one of which is the stamped section of a Coke bottle), two greens and one amber so far.

Here are some (hopefully artistic) snaps of my booty from this year’s beach excursions:

Coke Bottle Shard, Shells and other Glass

Weird Scrimshaw-looking shell, Sea Glass & shells

16 Pieces of Glass & Other Beach Booty

Not a bad haul for only three days. I’d like to find more green & amber, but I’m not complaining. We had a storm come through which interfered with more beach hunting, but the weather will be cooler for the next few days which I will enjoy. Since my dog insists I wake every morning by 5:30 a.m. I do get to enjoy the beach before it gets too hot.

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One thought on “Sea Glass – My Yearly Obsession

  1. Great collection you found, it sounds like a wonderful vacation! Thanks for stopping by my blog :]

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