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Adventures In Nags Head

Hello folks! I brought some Meryl movies to the beach but so far have spent most of my time beach combing, chasing children, eating and shopping. We did watch “The Blind Side” last night. OMG! Such a good movie. I’m not going to review it here but it was awesome and you should watch it.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday and today:

Blue Roof

This is an eyecatching house which was along my southern beach walk yesterday.

Derilict Beach House

In contrast, this house is one of the remaining victims of hurricane Isabel. It’s sad but oddly romantic.

Many Dead Fishies

This is the first time in a long time I’ve been down here in June and I’ve noticed some strange differences. Millions of these tiny silver fish were washed up along the shore line. I’ve never seen anything like it and the even stranger part is that all the little birds who usually harvest the water’s edge are absent. I wonder if they’re migratory and simply haven’t gotten here yet or if there is a larger environmental cause which has caused these two strange occurances. There aren’t many seagulls here either. Are they all down on the Gulf helping to clean up the oil???

Repairing the Pier

A concrete extention is being added to this pier which was also hit by Isabel.

New Structure at the Pier

…and here is a fancy new building going up near the entrance of the pier. It will be interesting to see what sorts of shops go in but I will have to be patient since I’m sure it won’t be finished until next year.

Red Crane

There are three large cranes on this job site. I thought the red one was pretty.

Pier Guard Dog

Apparently the No Trespassing signs are not enough to deter people from walking under the pier so a guard dog has been staked underneath as added security. Poor guy looked hot.

There were a group of surfers out enjoying the waves. Below are some of their knarly moves.

I came across a couple of these crazy looking egg pouches on the beach. There are horseshoe crab egg casings here too, but they look very different than these crazy looking things. Any idea what creature made this?

Crazy Looking Egg Pouch

This little guy was ready to defend himself from me and my camera. I’m not sure you can see how small he is compared to the little shell piece he’s beside, but he was smaller than a quarter. Sadly I could not keep him as a pet. Just as well since I would have wound up bathing him in Old Bay Seasoning. Yum!

Little Crab

That’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed the snapshots!


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