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Kevin Kline – His Career After Sophie

As I mentioned in my previous post, Kevin Kline began his film career in “Sophie’s Choice” and followed up very nicely the next year with “The Big Chill.” I’ve admired much of his work since then and have a list of favorites to share with you:

Silverado (1985) – okay, I know this movie was kind of long and maybe a little oddly cast (Jeff Goldblum as a traveling, gun-toting gambler – so not believable), but I thought Kevin did a wonderful job as the former bandit (with a heart), who rethinks his vocation when rescued by some good (but rough around the edges) cowboys. Kevin Costner was quite adorable in his small roll too!

A Fish Called Wanda (1988) –  Who could resist Kevin’s caustic, confrontational (and a little stupid) character in this bank heist comedy? –This is sort of what I was expecting in “Burn After Reading” which was such a disappointment.  Co-stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Monty Python’s John Cleese & Michael Palin.

French Kiss

French Kiss (1995) – Kline is absolutely priceless in this transcontinental film and gives us not only a perfect French accent, but attitude as well. I will always love this movie and how much he brings to his character.

Life As A House

Life as a House (2001) – Another fabulous Kline drama where watching him develop his character as the movie progresses is a wonderful progression. He co-stars with the talented Kristen Scott Thomas (who always gives a fantastic performance) and Hayden Christensen as his wayward, troubled son. I must insist that you watch this.

As I was doing my Kline research I noticed that he also worked with Meryl in “A Prairie Home Companion” and I look forward to their interaction in this movie. It certainly can’t be as charged as Sophie!


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