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Short note on “Taken” & White Slavery


Taken - Liam Neeson

Since I was touching a bit on Liam Neeson on the last post, I wanted to point out what I thought was a huge mistake in the story line of “Taken.”

Bryan Mills’ (Neeson) daughter (who is a virgin) and her friend (who is worldlier) are kidnapped within a couple of hours after they land in Paris. The girls are separated (based on some sort of purity grading system, I assume) with the virgin headed to the high bidding market while the party girl is consigned to the bottom of the barrel brothel.

While I understand that a virgin would command a higher price, it is unlikely that a shapely, fair, blond-ish girl would be down-graded to the lowest level of white slavery trafficking. Maybe the Sheik wouldn’t buy her, but others in his retinue would probably be interested after she was checked out by their personal obgyn.

I suppose it was easier to write her off than having Mills have to rescue and make off with two girls.

Discovery of Discarded Girl


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