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Bathtub Crayons – A Love Story

A while back I wrote briefly about finding the bathtub crayons I wanted to allow me to capture my ideas while in the shower. I work with a really cool lady who thought that idea was fabulous so I got her a set as well. She has at least two whiteboards in her home to help her stay organized and to remember stuff so she thought being able to do that while getting ready in the morning was a good idea too.

I talked to her this morning and apparently the note-taking idea morphed into a love-fest starting with a poem to her from her fiancé. By the end of the week, it had become a mural that they had worked on together. The weekend came, she cleaned the bathroom and the shower wall became again a blank canvas. I think it’s really sweet that they found such a fun way to share their love for each other and I’m very happy I had a small part in it.


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One thought on “Bathtub Crayons – A Love Story

  1. Terri on said:

    You are the cutest! 🙂

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