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Adventures in Shopping – Pitfalls at the Mall

In continuing along the fashion theme I did a little shopping on Friday. A fashionista I am not, but as I represent the face of my company, I do make an effort to dress nicely for work and therefore do, on occasion, shop.  Due to my frugal upbringing and current budget, shopping and high fashion are not my regular pursuits so my first stop was Marshall’s. I had seen a lovely frilled, sleeveless top there a couple of months ago and though I held out little hope that it might still be there, I thought it was a good place to start. As it turns out, I got the top. It was buried in amongst a variety of other tops and blouses of varying quality.

It occurred to me as I paged through a section of paper thin knit tops that clothing quality has gone way down. I’ve noticed these sorts of tops in higher end stores too so it’s not just the discounters who are offering them to the public. What is the appeal of them and how long could they possibly last after going through the wash? Are they supposed to be disposable? – wear ‘em three times and either throw ‘em out or they disintegrate on their own? Considering how we are supposed to be trying to control our carbon footprint, recycle and be mindful of our waste, disposable clothing just doesn’t make sense. I must be missing something, but whatever the reason, I don’t plan on adding them to my wardrobe.

While I was at the store I decided to look for some black slip-on heels to wear over the summer. Brown seems to be the predominant color in this style of shoe, but I remained hopeful as I began my quest. I found one pair at Marshall’s , but was sort of shocked at the price and decided to look elsewhere. I moved on to DSW Shoe Warehouse since it seems to be pretty popular amongst my contemporaries. They had a dizzying array of shoes, but only two fell into my narrow parameters. They also cost more than I was willing to pay. I did notice that “bondage” shoes are all the rage this year so if you’re into a little light S&M, this is your year for shoes. Load up, they may fall out of fashion by next season and you’ll be SOL.

After my utter failure at the strip mall I headed over to the big mall hopeful that the larger variety of stores would have something suitable (and hopefully on sale!). No such luck – lots of bondage sandals and only a handful of black mules, none of which were on sale. The trip was a bust, but I enjoyed myself in spite of coming home shoeless. After all, I did get my frilly blouse!

Notes on Pedestrians – While I was negotiating the parking lot at the strip center (complete with a Sam’s Club), it occurred to me that there are a variety of pedestrians one has to watch out for while traveling in and out of the parking lot. For your consideration I have included a list below of the most common offenders.

  • The Darter – this individual pops out from between cars and into traffic with the unrealistic assumption that he/she will not be flattened by oncoming traffic.
  • The Meanderer – this tortoise of the human population wanders, saunters or strolls in the most leisurely way, crossing the road like molasses in January.  Their deliberate dawdling is maddening.
  • The Diagonal Walker – this goal oriented walker seems to only be capable of linear thinking and will travel in a straight line from point A (the store) to point B (the car) without regard for the time they spend blocking traffic during their egress. (These people also tend to meander which makes it difficult not to run them over and be done with it.)
  • The Fake Out – this person at first glance seems to be unsure about crossing the street , then just as a car is coming, they muster up the courage, causing a quick break from driver and a shocked retreat from the faker. Much hand waving ensues before the pedestrian can be persuaded to finish their journey.

When I was growing up my mom used to tell me “If you wait long enough, you’ll get what you want at the price you’re willing to pay.” This probably means that I will have to hold off until July or August to get my shoes (if they’re still available in 8 ½). In the meantime I will be patient, live with the shoes that I have and try not to run down people at the mall.


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