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The Heat of Battle – Human Reactions & Unlikely Weapons

Memorial Day is just around the corner and in observance of the holiday I plan to take on “The Deer Hunter” (1978). I’ve never seen this movie (insert shocked gasp here) and avoid most movies having to do with Viet Nam (except Forrest Gump dealt with other historical events besides that political conflict). I’m wondering how I’m going to handle three hours of this subject matter but I’m willing to take it on in my pursuit of fully appreciating the career of Meryl Streep. The male relationship part of the movie should be enlightening especially since the reviews I’ve read indicate that they seem to be very realistic. I do know that adversity changes people and that some people come away from it stronger while others are devastated by their emotional scars.

In addition to observing Streep’s performance, I am also looking forward to seeing what Robert De Niro brings to the table. He has scared the heck out of me (The Fan), made me laugh so hard that it brought tears to my eyes (We’re No Angels) and touched my heart (Awakenings). I am very anxious to see how his performance adds to the movie.

Sort of off topic, but speaking of conflict (see Viet Nam above), I was out at the used bookstore yesterday trying to get my daughter a replacement Judy Blume book for her school book report (her copy is most likely lost in the jungle she calls a room). A mother with two young children was there and even though I thought they were behaving, she was after them to stay quiet and behave. As she had reached her limit with them, she started herding them towards the door. The little girl got annoyed with her brother and gave him a little whack. Not to be outmatched by his older sister, junior grabbed the first book he could find and whacked her back. The little family exited and the unassuming young man who works in the store went to put the impromptu weapon back on the shelf shaking his head all the while and bemoaning that books were peaceful things. As he picked up the volume to reshelf it, he noted with despair that it was Jane Austin’s “Sense and Sensibility.”

“What would Jane think?” he asked with despair. Perhaps only that the little hellion needed a little sense….and sensibility. Or maybe that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.


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