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Meryl Movie Marathon

If any of you have watched “Julie & Julia” (you really should, it’s a sweet and interesting movie), you know that Julie’s goal was to cook her way through Julia Child’s cookbook and blog about it. Since my current goal is to rave about how wonderful Meryl Streep is, I’m going to spend the next few months watching as many of her movies as I can get my hands on. I’ve already got a couple on order from and I’ve got a Netflix account so I can either have them mailed to me or magically beamed through my Blu-ray. All the rest I’ll either have to find on cable (The French Lieutenant’s Woman) or maybe at the library.

Here’s the list of Meryl’s work I found on Netflix. Take a look at the dates. It’s astonishing how busy she’s been. It looks like she may have taken 2000 off (what better way to spend the millennium than kicking back for a year!), but other than that, she’s been in movies consistently since 1977. I haven’t done anything consistently since 1977!!!

America: The Story of Us       (2010) NR
Faces of America                       (2010) NR
Julie & Julia                                (2009)   PG-13
It’s Complicated                         (2009) R
Fantastic Mr. Fox                       (2009) PG
Doubt                                             (2008)   PG-13
Mamma Mia!                               (2008) PG-13
Theater of War                           (2008) NR
Dark Matter                                 (2007) R
Evening                                         (2007) PG-13
Rendition                                       (2007) R
Lions for Lambs                           (2007) R
The Ant Bully                               (2006) PG
Hurricane on the Bayou           (2006) NR
The Devil Wears Prada               (2006)   PG-13
A Prairie Home Companion       (2006) PG-13
Wrestling with Angels: Tony Kushner  (2006) NR
Prime                                               (2005) PG-13
Stolen Childhoods                         (2005) NR
The Manchurian Candidate       (2004) R
Lemony Snicket: Unfortunate Events    (2004) PG
Angels in America (2-Disc Series) (2003) NR
Stuck on You                                   (2003) PG-13
Adaptation                                       (2002) R
The Hours                                         (2002) PG-13
Secret Service                                  (2002) NR
Uncommon Women and Others  (2002) NR
Chrysanthemum                            (2002) NR
Vermeer: Master of Light               (2001) NR
Music of the Heart                             (1999) PG
One True Thing                                  (1998) R
Dancing at Lughnasa                       (1998) PG
First Do No Harm                               (1997) PG-13
Before and After                                 (1996) PG-13
Marvin’s Room                                     (1996) PG-13
The Living Sea: IMAX                        (1995) NR
The Bridges of Madison County       (1995) PG-13
The River Wild                                     (1994) PG-13
House of the Spirits                              (1994) R
Death Becomes Her                              (1992) PG-13
Defending Your Life                             (1991) PG
Postcards from the Edge                       (1990) R
She Devil                                                  (1989) PG-13
A Cry in the Dark, Evil Angels          (1988) PG-13
Ironweed                                                (1987) R
Heartburn                                               (1986) R
Out of Africa                                          (1985) PG
Plenty                                                     (1985) R
The Velveteen Rabbit                             (1985) NR
Falling in Love                                       (1984) PG-13
Silkwood                                                (1983) R
Sophie’s Choice                                      (1982) R
The French Lieutenant’s Woman           (1981) R
Alice at the Palace                                 (1981) NR
Kramer vs. Kramer                                (1979) PG
Manhattan                                              (1979) R
The Deer Hunter                                    (1978) R
Holocaust                                               (1978) NR
Julia                                                       (1977) PG

Please feel free to join me in watching or re-watching Meryl’s movies. There are some on this list I’ve never watched and I’m looking forward to seeing what I’ve missed. Also, I welcome your comments. It’s always interesting to me what other people are thinking.

Update: just bought 10 Meryl movies from Julie & Julia, Sophie’s Choice, Julia, The Devil Wears Prada, The Deer Hunter, First Do No Harm, Music of the Heart, Before & After, Kramer vs. Kramer and Dancing at Lughnasa. I got all used copies and it averaged out to about $7 a movie. (Mom, you’re getting most of these once I’ve finished watching them).


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