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Weekend Photo Gallery

Me at work:

I’ve reconciled myself to the fact that the camera is not my friend.

Garden Pics:

Purple Iris & Phlox

Tenacious Tulips from Wal-Mart

Fancy Irises - Got 'em on eBay!

Our dog Cookie (rescued from the animal shelter a couple of weeks ago). She’s totally digging her new home!


Dog Amongst the Bubbles

 Photo ops while I was out picking up pizza:

Pastoral Scene in Suburbia

Grazing in the Sun

The dead bird was found along the strip center where my gym is located. At first I thought it was a gold finch, but they have a black cap, not a mask. I consulted the bird book at home and I’m guessing its a common yellowthroated warbler. I’ll find out for sure when I present it to my dad. This little guy will most likely wind up as a specimen at the Smithsonian. It will not be my first contribution. I’ve also got a humming bird I need to donate as well.

Tragic Fatality


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