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Mission Statement, Good Deals & Wisdom from on High

It has occurred to me in reading back over this blog that I need to update my mission statement which has changed slightly from what I said I would write initially. In addition to writing about anything I find interesting in the art world, I would also like to discuss books and movies; authors and actors; really anything about creativity and the people who are a part of it. I love to read and watch movies (not crazy about prime time television these days) and I appreciate all sorts of art and admire those who are able to harness their creativity and create something wonderful. I hope this winds up pleasing my good friends who visit this blog as well as allowing me to explore the things I love.

Today I got the chance to have a little me time at lunch and the weather was fine so I made the most of it. I needed a few things for work so my first stop was Staples. I love that store. I could never work there because I’d spend my whole paycheck on Post-its, gel pens, Sharpies, notebooks and colored paper. The possibilities I associate with all of those materials waiting to be harnessed just fires my imagination.

I got out of office supply heaven without blowing my budget and went to my next favorite danger zone – Target. I was looking for bathtub crayons – the ones I used to get for my girls so that they could practice spelling while they were hanging out in the tub. I guess too much time has passed since the last time I bought them so I now have no clue where they are.

Business Opportunity Alert: Please someone invent an adult version of shower crayons and market it as the newest tool for capturing ideas while away from electronic devices. I get my best ideas while I’m in the shower and I know I’m not alone in this. After you’ve become successful in this venture, please send me 10% of your net earnings for setting you up with this money making idea and we’ll be good.

Anyway, after failing to find the cool shower crayons I fell back on my old stand-by: dvd shopping. If you’re feeling Jane Austen-ish, you can now buy Sense & Sensibility and Persuasion for $5 a piece. Not bad for two lovely adaptations of Jane’s books.

No self-indulgent shopping trip would be complete without a stop into Border’s and that was how I rounded out my trip. Oprah’s current memoirs are now available to you via Kitty Kelly (wasn’t she a regular on “What’s My Line?” Oh no, that was Kitty Carlisle – my bad). I’ve gotta wonder what wisdom the fabulous Ms. O will be laying on us from her lofty heights? How is she going to further change the world and make us all better people through sharing her very own experiences? It’s amazing to me how much market power this one woman has and the level of recognition her name holds worldwide. I’m pretty sure there are people living in the badlands of Afghanistan who know who Oprah is. Maybe she has the solution to world peace and will end all current and future unpleasantness between us and all the countries who think we’re trying to oppress them.

My solution would be to airdrop millions of copies of Oprah’s book over Afghanistan to help spread this world peace idea. I don’t really think that Oprah’s message would inspire many of the inhabitants to give up their hatred of us, but if we hit enough of them on the head with the airdropped books, it won’t even be an issue. Thanks Oprah!!!


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