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The Good, The Bad & The Distorted

My 10 year old is very excited about doing her own painting project and we’ve already got her canvas covered in black acrylic. I’m not sure what she’s planning on painting on hers, but tonight we’re going to play with paint together and maybe get a little crazy. That would be good since I’m still feeling a sort of performance anxiety about actually applying color to my background.

Well, we’ve just finished and I have to say that I love the results. Follow the link:
We were working in one section applying, blending and playing with colors in a very controlled way, then randomly wiping off our brushes in a separate area. I am pleased with how both areas turned out. I was planning on doing areas of bold colors on my painting, ,but if I find I’m not pleased with that look, I can soften the bold colors with my drying brush and add a soft layer of color. The blocks of color below will still show, but the distorting effect of the light over layer will add a layered dimension to the final product.

Speaking of distortion, I decided to get my BJ’s membership today. It’s been a long time since I’ve been a member of a warehouse club and things have changed. They no longer use anything which remotely looks like a camera to capture a person’s likeness. They use a little wand thing now and let me tell you, the little wand thing is not your friend. Most cameras do not depict me in a complimentary way and tend to enhance all of my flaws, but the little wand thing magically slapped on fifty extra pounds and made me look vaguely Samoan (and I’ve never even been to the South Pacific).

I’m looking into corrective legislation to address our current camera distortion / enhancement issues including auto-Photoshop rectification software to address facial flaws including bags, wrinkles, laugh lines and blemishes while adding even skin tone, appropriate lifting of whatever needs lifted and resizing of areas needing augmentation. If this bill passes, the next issue I will handle will be mirrors in public bathrooms which need to be more complimentary to patrons.


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